Our Services

Professional Packing
No one in Memphis is more trusted when it comes to packing. We’ll pack all your belongings and we specialize in fine breakables such as Herend, Waterford, and Havilland.We’ll bring all the right boxes, paper, bubble wrap, etc to your home so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Each box is labeled with the contents on top and the room name on all sides so your belongings end up exactly where you want them.

Move Day Assistant
The project leader you’ve worked with on your packing will also be with you the day of your move. S/he arrives before the movers to pack up all the last minute items, of which there are surprisingly many. We’ll make sure nothing is overlooked and handle any problems that arise so your move goes exactly as planned. Your refrigerator/freezer items get packed into our coolers to go on the truck “last on first off.” Once at the new house, your Move Day Assistant makes your beds, unloads the cooler, and unpacks kitchen essentials and other items for a comfortable first night in your new home.


Your boxes are quickly and efficiently unpacked and cabinets and closets organized, putting things back the way you had them as much as possible. We plug in the lamps and appliances, set clocks, and reconnect electronics. Your home is ready to live in and the hassle of moving greatly reduced. We even hang pictures and artwork or can have everything ready for your decorator to do it after we leave. All the boxes and packing materials are removed from living areas.

Ask about our other services and products such as Professional Move Organizing Packages, Furniture Floor Plan Layouts, PlastoMat Shelf Liner, and our new GREEN moving option.