I'm Janine Willis the founder and president of Good to Go. My background is in social work and community mental health. I started the company after being involved involved in helping my grandmother move from her long-time home to assisted living. Unfortunately, I was not as much help to as I would have liked because I lived so far away and the burden fell mostly on my aunt. So when I heard about a business that helped seniors move, I immediately understood the need. I started a company called SeniorMoves in April 2001.

In October 2002, I met with 20 similar companies in Washington DC and we started the National Association of Senior Move Managers. I was elected to that first Board of Directors and have remained an active member as NASMM has grown to more than 1000 members. I learn so much from my colleagues and treasure my association with NASMM.

Our focus initially was on helping seniors move and this still constitutes a significant percentage of our business. But from the beginning, we had family members see what we did for their loved one and say "will you help ME when I move?" And we did. Over time, we realized seniors weren't the only ones who wanted and needed expert help when moving and we have helped many people of all ages.

So in 2012, we said goodbye to our SeniorMoves name and became GOOD TO GO. People say it reflects our "can do" spirit and the positive energy we bring to every job we do.