Hello and thanks for stopping by our website.

I'm Janine Willis, founder and president of Good to Go. People ask me how I came to be in this business. It happened after being involved in helping my grandmother move from a long-time home to assisted living. Unfortunately, I was not as much help as I would have liked because I lived too far away. Shortly after that, I heard about a company in Minnesota that specialized in helping seniors move and I immediately understood the need. With a background and education in Social Work, I started SeniorMoves, Inc. in  April 2001.

The next year I was part of a small group of similar companies who came together to form the National Association of Senior Move Managers. I was elected to the first Board of Directors and have continued to be an active member. Most of what I know, I learned from my NASMM colleagues, which now number over a thousand!

Initially, helping seniors was 100% the focus and still constitutes a large percentage of our work. But we often had family members see how we helped their loved one who said, "I want you to you help ME when I move!" As it turned out, seniors weren't the only ones who needed people they could trust to help them move.

So 2012 we changed the name from SeniorMoves to Good to Go. People say this name reflects our "can do" spirit and the positive energy we bring to every job. 

What makes me happiest about what I do is when I visit a potential client for the first time. Understandably, this person is feeling some degree of anxiety/overwhelm about all they have to do in the coming weeks.

So we sit down and talk about their move and then we walk through the house and very often as I am leaving, the person will say, "I feel so much better now!"

For me, that's what it's all about - easing the stress of moving just a little bit at a time and then carrying that idea through until the last picture is hung and and you're sitting there in your new place thinking, "I can't believe it. I actually DID it! I MOVED!"​​